If you get a warning message that you have been dropped from the conference, it might be because you have opened multiple browser windows on your computer or someone else has connected to your conference while also logged in to your account online. If you need multiple moderators in your conference calls, the following instructions explain how that can easily be done.


  • Ensure that only one main moderator is logged into your account online.
    (Note that only one person at any one time can join the online meeting room while also logged into your account online.)
  • All moderators should connect to the conference on their computer or the app.
  • The main moderator opens the participant list via the menu on the right.
  • Click on the name/number of the person/s you want to make a moderator.
  • Select the STAR icon to make them a moderator.

Everyone with the STAR beside their name in the participant list will now have access to all the moderator controls, no matter how they join the conference. 

Note: You can leave the room and the meeting will continue. The conference will only end if you select 'Hang Up' > 'End Call'

For all those managing an on-line conference and the options available for on-line moderators, follow this link: Managing your conference with the online meeting room


  • Share the Moderator Pin with any participant/s you would like to share in the moderation.
  • After calling your dial-in number, they will enter the moderator PIN instead of the Access Code, followed by the # key.

There is no limit to how many people can connect as moderator.

Find your moderator PIN at the top of the screen after logging into your account or via the 'Dial-in information' button in the center of your account dashboard under the 'Start' and 'Schedule' buttons.