This feature is not available with all subscriptions - check with your account admin if you don't have access to Webinars.

  1. Navigate to 'Webinars' via the top menu in your account dashboard

  2. Select 'Schedule a Webinar'

  3. Set the Title, date, time, and duration of the Webinar. A description is optional. All these items will appear on the registration page if you choose for people to register before attending.

  4. Webinar options:
    1. Set the Chat options in advance: by default users will only be able to send messages to moderators
    2. Enable Practice mode: With this option selected, your webinar will only start when you are ready. You'll see a button in the meeting room to 'Start Broadcasting' which will allow you to begin the webinar.
    3. Require Registration: Selecting this option will provide you with a registration link at the end of the scheduling process. Share this link via your preferred method to allow people you want to attend to register in advance. Registered attendees will receive an email confirmation and reminder.
    4. Additional options: Choose to show or hide dial-in numbers for your panelists and decide if you want attendees to be able to see the total attendance and other attendee names.

  5. Select 'Next' to invite Panelists who will be presenting with you in the webinar. They will receive a meeting link via email. NOTE: DO NOT add email addresses here for 'Attendees' (people you want to watch your webinar). In step 8 you will get either a registration link or the direct webinar attendee viewer link to share via social media, on your website or via your own preferred method.

  6. If you chose to require registration, the next page will show a list of optional Registration Questions to select from.

  7. Confirm the details of your webinar and select 'Schedule' to send out panelist invites.

  8. Copy the Registration Link (or attendee link if you have not selected to have viewers register)  from the page that appears and share this via any platform or method you prefer to get the message out to attendees who you want to watch your webinar.

  9. To check this same information again and to see who has registered, click 'Preview' in the 'Upcoming Webinars' section.