As a meeting host, you can call anyone from your meeting room so that they can easily connect to your conference without even entering an access code.

This feature is not available with all subscriptions - check with your account admin if you don't have access to the dial-out feature.

How to call out to a participant during a meeting

  1. While in a meeting, select the 'Add participants' button at the bottom right of the meeting room window
  2. Towards the top of the sidebar window that appears, enter the phone number you want to call and the name (optional)
  3. Select 'Call now'
  4. You will see a message in the meeting room telling you who is being called, with the option to cancel the call
  5. Your participant will get a phone call and be prompted to press '1' (one) to join your meeting

Ensure that you are connected as the meeting host by logging into your account before joining the meeting.

Once your participant answers and presses '1' they will be connected to the meeting. If someone does not answer, you will see this in the participant list next to their number/name.

After you have called one person, you can go ahead and call more people to join your meeting. There is no restrictions as to how many people you call to join your meetings.