Information for network administrators, with specific firewall or network rules, allowing them to update their systems accordingly.

Ensure that your firewall allows communication over port 443. For optimum results, we recommend to open up our ports alongside all of our IP Ranges.

Video - The following IP addresses are dedicated for our Video Service:

Communication is on TCP port 443 and UDP port 10000

SIP Gateway - The following IP addresses are for our SIP Gateway service:

Communication is on UDP ports 32768-65535

If your firewall can do traffic shaping and/or bandwidth prioritization, giving highest priority to traffic to/from the above IP addresses will improve your online conferencing experience.

If you use Deep Packet Inspection on your firewall, check that it supports WebSockets and the WSS protocol. If there are issues loading the meeting room it could be that the Deep Packet Inspection is breaking the security model of WebSockets. If this is the case please put an exemption for our domain in your Deep Packet Inspection configuration.