You will be able to see every participant that has joined your call via the Online Meeting Room.  As conference organizer, you will also see the full phone numbers of those who have called in from their phone and the name of anyone who has connected via their computer.


In addition to this, all the voice and video is fully encrypted, which makes this one of the most secure and private ways to hold a video call or screen sharing session over the internet.


The Online Meeting Room works via WebRTC. WebRTC is a secure protocol. It uses both Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) to encrypt data. Chat messages are sent via HTTPS, a secure protocol. The chat messages are received by other participants via WebSockets over SSL/TLS. This is also a secure protocol.


As moderator, you can also disconnect any unwanted callers by hovering your mouse over their tile and clicking on 'Block'. This will drop that caller and prevent them from rejoining a meeting. Unblocking is also easy if you need to allow someone to rejoin.

Finally, you also have security options available such as a one-time access code or meeting room lock. You can read more about these options by going to 'Features > Security Settings' in our support center.