Within your admin Menu under 'Reports & Invoices', select 'Meeting Summaries' to view all records.


Meeting Summary Records:


A meeting summary record summarizes a Conference in a signal record.  It is not used to calculate charges for a Transaction or Invoice but can be used to estimate charges for specific conferences or organizers.


If per minutes rates include fractions of pennies:


The charges of a Meeting Summary can include fractions of a penny if the underlying Call Usage Records include fractions of pennies.  Since charges in the invoice are computed by summing Call Usage records into Transactions and rounding those to the nearest penny, it is possible that the Sum of Meeting Summary records will not add up to the total Usage charges in the invoice.

For example, where the per minute rate for a dial-in number is $0.015, a call where 57 minutes were used, would come to a total of $0.855. This figure would be automatically rounded up when added to the total usage charge that would appear on your invoice.